Fun experience in a cube

White box photography

White box photography is probably one of the most relaxed photo sessions. I have created it for you, so that you can have super fun!

This is not just an ordinary photo session. First of all, it’s absolutely different and I am doing it for families and children. I’ll be honest – many kids might cry at the beginning of any photo shoot (outdoor or indoor). This is either due to sleepless night, illness or just “not wanting to take photos”. However, I have created white box photography because of the same reason as I have specialised for the outdoor family and portrait photography. It is fun, it is relaxed, and kids love it!

I am happy to let you know that up until now, every child that cried at the beginning, was laughing in the end. Just imagine different (a bit crazy) and awesome things we are doing inside. For example, snowball fight at the Christmas session, ballet or handstand for gymnasts, or a game where kids can “spy on parents”. Furthermore, white box is also a great way of celebrating cake smash!
How and what to do in a box

Photography details

White box photography has no limitations. I use it for celebrations such as cake smash, themed seasonal portraits, for example Christmas or Valentine’s day or to make memories of your child and his favourite hobby (jumping, playing instruments, having fun with a racket…) So, don’t wait and let me know what kind of white box photography would you like to have!


Because there are so many different ways of white box photography usage, there are also many different packages. However, after every photo shoot, I will create high-res and professionally edited digital photos (square format) and at least 1 high-res digital collage. In addition, personal print release and lifetime online gallery with free download are also included.

Booking and price

Prices for white box photography vary and are dependent on the type of the session (e.g. Christmas mini session, cake smash, etc.). However, a deposit/retainer of £50 to secure the booking is needed for any white box photo session.

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For more information and details about photo sessions, please visit FAQ and photo session details or don’t be shy and ask!