Gorgeous rhododendron garden

Rhododendron mini session

Rhododendron mini session takes place in a garden where these colourful bushes have grown into large trees.

Every year between April and June, this lovely park in Buckinghamshire changes to a “rainbow forest”. Its rhododendron garden is fully blooming and all you can see around are trees and bushes, full of big and magnificent flowers. Their main colours are pink, purple, yellow, red, white, and rose but you can also find some amazing orange ones.

If you are a flower lover and enthusiast, you must visit the garden. I go there every year, however, not just because of the flowers but also to create new gorgeous family portraits. This is one of the rear photo sessions where I don’t use many photo props (sometimes even none). This is because of the garden and all the flowers in it. It gives a lot more than just rhododendrons. For example, fallen leaves are one of the best photo props there, I know of a hidden tree “swing”, etc. But not to worry, I always have bubbles with me as well.

Beautiful young girl in a white dress sitting on a log with rhododendrons, rhododendron mini session by Gorgeous Moments
Photography details

Rhododendron mini session portraits

Rhododendron photo shoot is for everyone! Weather is nicer and warmer, location has easy access, adjacent cafe with toilets and a great children playground, adjacent to the garden.


Mini session in rhododendron garden with 7 high-res and professionally edited digital photos of your choice. Personal print release and lifetime online gallery with free download are included.

Booking and price

    • £60 for up to half an hour photo session
    • All photo props included (subject to location, date and weather)
    • Contact and enquiry

Travelling and additional costs

There are no travelling costs or additional costs for this mini photo session. However, you can buy additional digital photos after viewing online culled gallery.

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What to expect on the rhododendron mini session

For a start, expect a lot of vivid colours and amazing blooming. Therefore, I feel it’s really important to emphasize on the correct dress code first. But I don’t have in mind type of clothes and length of ties but rather colours. I believe you can imagine that strong pink dress or red jumper will blend in with rhododendrons. Because of that, I suggest to follow a very simple rule. Wear light and bright colours (even pastel or bright jeans) and you can’t miss it. 

Furthermore, I am known to always have many props on my outdoor photo session. However, rhododendron mini session is not one of them. This is because the rhododendron garden already offer so much. For example, natural tree swing, fallen leaves, etc., but I always have bubbles with me as well.

Follow the link to see the rhododendron mini session gallery.

Amazing photo props

I always have some photo props with me (when possible) but rhododendron garden offers some natural ones as well. For example fallen leaves.

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Beautiful family portraits

Photos in rhododendron garden are natural and beautiful. Smiles and vivid rhododendron colours are an amazing combination.

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Close-up children portraits

When the light is soft (e.g. golden hour or early morning) I just love creating dreamy close up children portraits.

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For more information and details about photo sessions, please visit FAQ and photo session details or don’t be shy and ask!