DREAMY photo shoot in lavender

Lavender mini session

Outdoor lavender mini session is a very romantic photo shoot. Because of that it is not just for families and children, but also couples.

Lavender farm, its fields and the scent are very romantic, timeless and a great idea for a family day out. And while already there, it’s also a perfect opportunity to create dreamy outdoor family portraits. In addition, for a small entrance fee (collected by farm) you will also get the scissors and a bag to harvest the lavender for yourself.

I start with lavender mini seasons around mid July, when the lavender is getting ready for harvest. This is also the best time to enjoy its full bloom, scent and colours. In addition, towards the end of July, adjacent field of sunflowers starts blooming too. If there is time (e.g. in longer photo shoot packages), we will create dreamy family photos there too.

Family of 3 enjoying and smiling in the lavender and sunflower field, lavender mini session by Gorgeous Moments
Photography details

Lavender mini session in Hitchin

Lavender photo shoot is weather dependent and normally quite busy. Because of that, I recommend earlier hours. However, should we encounter “intruders” in the background of your photo, I’ll do my best to use all my knowledge and Photoshop power to edit them.


Outdoor lavender mini session with 7 high-res and professionally edited digital photos of your choice. Personal print release and lifetime online gallery with free download are included as well.

Booking and price

  • £80 for up to half an hour photo session
  • Deposit/retainer of £25 to secure the booking in advance
  • Contact and enquiry

Travelling and additional costs

There are no travelling costs and you can purchase additional digital photos after viewing an online gallery. I cover the photography fee at the Hitchin Lavender farm as well.

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What to expect on the lavender mini session

Lavender photo session is quite unique because of the dreamy purple field and romantic scent. However, due to its nature it might not be suitable for everyone. At least I would not recommend it. Although I have not heard of any accident there yet, you must be aware that there are lots of bees on the field. The lovely lavender scent attracts them. Therefore, if you or anyone in your family is allergic to bees, wasps or similar, I don’t recommend lavender mini session. Just in case.

Apart from that, expect to be absolutely lovely, purple and possibly busy to. I always recommend early hour, however, I also try to find the best spot on the field for you at any time of the day. In most cases, I am also able to edit the photos to the stage where you are “the only one on the field”. Not always, though.

Just a few more words about the clothes. Lavender has very strong colour, therefore, the simple rule to follow is to use bright and light colours. Pastel are great, but very light blue and white dresses will look absolutely amazing! You can, of course, combine other accessories, such as suspenders, hats, belts, umbrellas, etc. However, please, try avoid black and very strong colours at all cost.

Follow the link to see the lavender mini session gallery.

Lavender and sunflower field

Adjacent to this beautiful lavender field is sunflower field as well. It blooms in August and I absolutely love it for family photos.

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Gorgeous family portraits

Lavender mini session is one of the most romantic ones. Therefore, it's perfect for couples, children and gorgeous family portraits.

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Photo props and dresses

I don't use many photo props in this gorgeous purple field. However, sometimes, for small kids especially, I always have some with me.

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For more information and details about photo sessions, please visit FAQ and photo session details or don’t be shy and ask!