Outdoor photo shoot with flowers

Bluebells mini photo session

A very peaceful and relaxed photo session for families and children. Located in the quiet part of the bluebells forest.

Once a year but only for a short time, gentle and absolutely beautiful bluebells are blooming. I would like to describe how it looks like, however, you have to experience it yourself. I can promise you, though,  that these gorgeous blossoms will take your breath away. In addition, I’ll make sure to create one of the most dreamiest portraits of your life.

The location of this bluebells photo session is inside the forest under the shade of trees. Therefore, it’s perfect for small kids or seniors trying to avoid the sun and hit. So, join me in May and I’ll guide you through these wonderful beauties. I can assure you that you’ll love it and above all, we’ll create gorgeous family portrait photographs.

But let’s all be cautious as well, please! Bluebells are very gentle flowers and let’s not walk on them.

Bluebells portrait photography of my two boys, by Gorgeous Moments
Relaxed and quiet photo session

Photography details

Just like other outdoor sessions, this, too, is weather dependent. Also, bluebells bloom only for a short time, therefore stay tune. When the time is right I will publish 2 dates (weekends) only.


Outdoor mini bluebells session with 7 high-res and professionally edited digital photos of your choice. Personal print release and lifetime online gallery with free download are included as well.

Booking and price

  • £50 for up to half an hour photo session
  • All props are included (subject to location, date and weather)

Travelling and additional costs

Location is specified in advance, so there are no travelling costs. Because of the short blooming season and high interest, I can usually book only mini sessions. However, many times I am able to create more fantastic photos and you can purchase them as well.

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For more information and details about photo sessions, please visit FAQ and photo session details or don’t be shy and ask!