Maternity photo session in nature

maternity photography in nature

Outdoor maternity photography is a photo session just for you. I will choose an intimate location for you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Maternity photography in nature is an intimate photo shoot for you – mummies and daddies. You do not wish to have an audience or large group of people running around or playing with balls. Therefore, I will help you choose the location where you will feel the most comfortable.

Nature has so many beautiful places and I will travel a long way to make your memories everlasting. For example, beaches, forests, intimate parks or even mountains. These are all amazingly beautiful places for your maternity photo session in nature. However, you can recommend the location as well. Maybe, that’s just a local park where you and your partner met each other or got engaged. And that is great! I am also happy to listen to any of your wishes you might have.

Pregnant couple photo session in nature, photo by Gorgeous Moments
Photography details

Outdoor maternity photography

Maternity photo shoot is best when the light is soft. I recommend early hours or late afternoon, so that we try to catch the golden hour. Similarly, as other outdoor sessions, maternity photography is also dependent on the weather.


Natural and relaxed maternity photo shoot in nature with 30 high-res and professionally edited digital photos. Personal print release and lifetime online gallery with free download are included.

Booking and price

  • £200 for up to 1,5-hour session
  • Deposit/retainer of £50 to secure the booking in advance

Travelling and additional costs

There are no additional costs for locations up to 10 miles from Aylesbury (HP18). For locations further away, an additional charge of 75p per mile will occur.

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What to expect at the maternity photography in nature

I get in touch via email for every photo session, even the smallest one. However, maternity is a bit special, therefore, I prefer to have a phone call with you in order to get ready and to find out expectations. We normally discuss everything from location, dresses, style, poses, colours, etc. In addition, I am sure you have questions as well, so don’t be shy and let me know. I am here to help you.

My style of photography is very natural. I was never known for those serious portraits with grey background. So if you are looking for them, maybe I am not your best choice. Furthermore, I am also known by creating very relaxed and fun outdoor photo sessions for families and children. And maternity photography is no different. Do not expect me coming in a suite and tie, but rather in a jeans and hoodie. Because I like exploring different angles and capture photos through nature, these kind of clothes give me freedom. Also, they make me feel relaxed as well. In addition, I am specialised in natural light and soft tones, therefore, vintage look, for example, isn’t my thing.

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Lying in high summer grass

I like capturing photos through grass and other nature miracles. It gives dreamy and gorgeous touch to your memories.

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Black and White

Sometimes a colour photograph cannot show, express or emphasise correctly. Because of that, I love black and white versions too.

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Intimate places in nature

I always try to find peaceful and intimate location in nature for your maternity photography. Above all, this session is about you!

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For more information and details about photo sessions, please visit FAQ and photo session details or don’t be shy and ask!