Outdoor photo session

family and children portrait photography

Outdoor family and children portrait photography is a great way to capture everlasting memories while enjoying the day out in nature.

I believe that photography should be fun event, and because of that, I have specialised myself in outdoor portrait photography. This way, the children can freely run around and play with my photo props, while I am capturing their true personality. Likewise, it is a lot easier for parents as well, as nature and parks help children to relax faster too.

When possible, I’ll schedule your photo session in the morning hours or late afternoon, because these are the times when the light is softer. In addition, we might even have a chance to catch the golden hour. This way, we’ll be able to create gorgeous family portraits and avoid too bright unnatural light on faces and skin, caused by the strong sunlight. 

All of the above are “ingredients” for a successful family photo session. However, even more important are your well-rested children. If they are tired (especially young kids) or haven’t slept, no photo prop will help. And probably, there will be lots of crying too.

Outdoor family portrait photography in the golden our by Gorgeous Moments
Family portraits in nature

Photography details

Outdoor photography is the best way of creating gorgeous family and children portraits. However, it is also highly dependent on weather conditions. While cloudy sky makes one of the best natural lights and amazing scenery (and not strong sunlight), rain and the drops isn’t something that camera likes.


Natural outdoor family photography with limited number of high-res and professionally edited digital photos of your choice. Personal print release, lifetime online gallery and free download are included.

Booking and price

  • £75 for small package (10 digital photos)
  • £150 for large package (25 digital photos)
  • Deposit/retainer of £25 to secure the booking in advance

Travelling and additional costs

There are no additional or travelling costs for locations up to 10 miles from Aylesbury (HP18). However, for locations further away, an additional cost of 75p per mile is charged.

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For more information and details about photo sessions, please visit FAQ and photo session details or don’t be shy and ask!