Capturing the couple's love

Couples photo session in nature

Couples photo session is a great way of creating new photo memories and a perfect opportunity for the secret engagement photography.

Whether you are a fresh couple in love, just engaged or newly married husband and wife, allow me to create everlasting photo moments for you. You can, of course, visit an indoor photographer and get beautiful portrait photos. However, I believe that with more diverse environment I can achieve this even better. For example, can you propose under the big oak tree with autumn leaves? No, I don’t think so. And because of that I love couples photography in nature so much.

Close up portrait of a couple in winter at the lake, photography by Gorgeous Moments

Couples portrait photography

I normally plan couples photography in advance. Either with one of you (if it’s a surprise) or both you, so that the photo session is successful. This way I can create beautiful couple portraits for you.


Natural and relaxed couples photo session in nature. It lasts around 30-45 minutes and I will create 15 High-Res and professionally edited digital photos. Personal print release and online gallery are included.

Booking and price

  • £100 for the photo session with included £25 deposit to secure the booking
  • Contact and enquiry

Travelling and additional costs

Travelling is included in the photo session, however, for locations more than 10 miles from Aylesbury (HP18), an additional cost of 75p per mile might occur.

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What to expect at the couples photography

Similarly as other outdoor photoshoot, couples photo session in nature, is weather dependent too. I have absolutely no influence on it and unfortunately, sometimes we have to reschedule the session. However, don’t be afraid if it’s cloudy or not too sunny. This can be the best kind of weather for outdoor photoshoot.

Before our session, I will get in contact with either or both of you, to create a short plan. If it’s a surprise engagement, then one of you will be leading the session while I am hiding behind the bush. However, if you both decide to create gorgeous moments and everlasting memories, we will discuss it together.

Follow the link to see the couples portraits photo gallery.

Romantic scenery

Lavender field in July is a perfect spot for romantic couple's portraits and everlasting memories. But there are other locations too.

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Diversity and no labels

Love has no labels and same sex marriage or engagement are as beautiful as "normal" one. I love meeting all couples in love.

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Engagements and weddings

These are definitely one of my favourites. Let's choose the romantic spot with soft light (golden hour) for the most gorgeous memories

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For more information and details about photo sessions, please visit FAQ and photo session details or don’t be shy and ask!