Photoshoot in a box

Christmas White Box Photography

White box photography is one of the most relaxed and unique photo shoots. I create it just for you and your family to have super fun in it!

Christmas white box photography has no limitations. Because of that, it can be used at any time of the year, however, Christmas is one of my favourite ones. I create it in a festive spirit with lots of Christmas props and toys. Milk and cookies are always part of it too and lights will not be left out as well. All that is missing now is you and your matching Christmas PJs (or jumpers) for the whole family.

In addition, Christmas white box is anything but boring. Firstly, it is very different from my outdoor sessions, and secondly, you will not be running but rather “exercising”. In other words, you will have fun doing funny poses and playing, which is not a hard job. And above all, you will spend some quality time with your family and kids. When was the last time you have shared such a small place with someone you love? If you don’t remember, it’s time to experience it again.

Most importantly, up until now, every child that cried at the beginning, was laughing in the end. I can’t imagine how cookies, snowball fight, Christmas decorations or bells wouldn’t make children happy. Do you?

Christmas jumpers are a great way for festive fun in a box, photography by Gorgeous Moments

Christmas white box photoshoot

Christmas white box photography is fun and unique photo session in a big white box with lots of props. Chosen photos are merged into one beautiful interactive digital collage.


Indoor Christmas white box session with 1 high-res and professionally edited digital collage and digital photos within. Personal print release and lifetime online gallery with free download are included.

Booking and price

Travelling and additional costs

The indoor location for white box photography is known in advanced. Therefore, you don’t have any additional fees or travelling costs.

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WHAT TO EXPECT AT THE Christmas white box photography

At the white box photoshoot, I will put you and your kids in a big white box, full of fun Christmas props. I have prepared some of them for children only, for example, a rocking horse. However, if you love stuffed toys, snowball fight, Christmas lights and more, go for them and have fun. You might think that some scenes are a bit awkward, but I assure you it’s all very perfectly planned. For example, your child can ring on one side of the box and his little sister is listening on the “other side”. Similarly, you can reach out of the box and steal presents. Do you get the idea now?

Furthermore, Christmas white box is a festive family event. Because of that matching PJs or Christmas jumpers are a must.

Follow the link to see the white box photography gallery.

Matching Christmas PJs

We were wearing matching Christmas PJs. Can you see how absolutely awesome Christmas white box photography can be with them?

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White box templates

I might have different views on how the white box should look like. Because of that, you can choose multiple templates and select photos.

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Festive family fun

Christmas white box photography is fun and relaxed. Furthermore, this festive and colourful experience is meant for the whole family.

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