Children's birthday memories

Birthday party photography

Enjoy your children’s birthday party together while I take care of photography and capture all gorgeous moments for you!

I always loved my own birthdays and I still do, so I guess your little ones are no different. However, a birthday party is not always a perfect combination of family and friends, presents, sweets and cakes, but it can also be challenging. You have to meet and greet guests, take care of the food, do this and that while watching the kids, and consequently easily miss moments that could become everlasting memories.

This is where I can help you a lot, by hiring me as your birthday party photographer. Whether the event is indoor or outdoor, I’ll always be at the right time in the right place to capture beautiful smiles, blowing candles, eating cake or to create memories of your little ones jumping on a bouncy castle. My photography career started when I was a swimming instructor and a summer camp leader, therefore, chasing kids with a camera at the birthday party is in my blood.

Children's birthday party photography by Gorgeous Moments and with balloons and bouncy castle
Birthday party information

Photography DETAILS

Most birthday parties last around 2 hours, so I have created a standard birthday photography package for you. However, others, such as 1st Indian birthday parties that I photograph often, can take up to 5 hours as well, and I am happy to stay that long too.


Natural and documentary photography with full set of high-res and professionally edited digital photos. Personal print release, online gallery with no expiration date and free download are included.

Booking and price

  • £180 for standard 2 hours package
  • Deposit/retainer of £50 to secure the booking in advance
  • Every additional half an hour costs £30

Travelling and additional costs

There are no additional or travelling costs for locations up to 40 miles from Aylesbury (HP18). For locations further away, an additional cost of 75p per mile is charged.

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For more information and details about photo sessions, please visit FAQ and photo session details or don’t be shy and ask!