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Difficult times lie ahead of outdoor photography

The whole world is still fighting Covid-19, but the life is slowly getting “back” to new tracks. We are creating the new “normal”. Businesses are getting reopened and services offered with a whole lot of new difficult changes. The same applies to my business too, which is why I am getting in touch. I would like to make sure that I will not stop making everlasting memories and these difficult times will not be the reason to close down. However,…

Unfortunately, this year’s bluebells sessions never happened. And now, with a pain in my heart, I have to confirm that I will not be doing rhododendron’s sessions as well. This is due to the closed rhododendron garden. In addition, lavender sessions might also be jeopardised if the lavender farm can’t introduce social distancing measures. However, life goes on and so is Gorgeous Moments. I will adapt and together, we will find new ways and new locations for creating new gorgeous family portraits.

So, having this in mind, I have already started looking at the new ways of doing it (photography). For the foreseeable future, we might all have to adhere to social distancing rules. I will not be able to handle your kids for some time (e.g. positioning) and disinfecting props will become the new standard. But what makes me sad the most is my kids’ signature – High 5. I will have to say goodbye to it for some time and the same goes for tickling. 🙁 In addition, I have also started looking for new locations which would not only look great but also be less crowdy, at times. Therefore, if you know any such location, please, let me know!

Now, the most important bit and the question you are all asking me about. When can we start creating new gorgeous moments? Soon! I have already started contacting some of you and the news will follow shortly too. Stay tuned and keep checking my Gorgeous Moments Facebook page as well. Stay safe and see you soon 🙂

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