Postponed photo sessions

This morning, the UK has woken up to a lockdown after new, stricter measures have been announced by our PM. Fortunately, this is to help stop coronavirus spreading that really started affecting our lives, but unfortunately, this also means that all our photo sessions, indoor and outdoor are now cancelled/postponed for at least a period of 3 weeks. Just like any other business, mine will be affected too. However, it is the only right thing to do, as we need to work together, follow the stricter measures and win the fight with the virus.

I am not sure what exactly this means for Gorgeous Moments and our future photoshoots. The rest of the spring sessions, unfortunately, won’t happen, but I am still working towards our next seasonal sessions – Rhododendrons and Bluebells. The current situation with coronavirus will not go away in the next couple of weeks. However, if we work together and adhere to the measures announced and try to stop coronavirus, we just might start winning this fight and the measures might loosen up again. Should this happen, the outdoor photoshoots will go ahead as planned, but maintaining social distancing.

Until then, stay inside, keep safe and try to remain sane 🙂 If we have a session booked in the following weeks, I will contact you directly, otherwise, I will also stay in touch as well.

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