Two brothers holding hands in daffodils at the sunset, photography by Gorgeous Moments

Spring mini sessions are here

We are not out of the winter yet, however, spring (and spring mini sessions) is knocking at the doors already. It starts with snowdrops and my plan this year was to create snowdrops mini session. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned as it was really hard to find and secure the right location. I will try next year again, though. Snowdrops are not native flowers in parks and woods around us, therefore, they must be planted. Park trusts (such as National Trust) plant them regularly and because of that, we can’t access them without limitations and they have to be protected. It is hard to say what drives people to ignore trusts’ warnings. For instance, I see photographers and clients (not mine) regularly walking over and lying in very delicate flowers, such as bluebells and snowdrops. Most likely this is the reason why access is limited.

Anyway, I am here to let you know that I have now finalised dates and locations for spring mini sessions. We will enjoy thousands of yellow and white daffodils during weekends in March, maybe some in April. Therefore, stay tuned as in a few days I will publish them and the “rule” of first-come-first-serve will be true again. Speak to you soon and can’t wait to meet you all again on my mini spring family portrait photo sessions. Oh, and by the way; in case you forgot how they look like, here is the gallery link.

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