Kids birthday party with a spiderman

Batman girl climbing on the inflatable castle slide, photography by Gorgeous Moments
Batman boy sliding down the inflatable castle on a birthday party, photography by Gorgeous Moments
Captain America birthday boy with his mum in front of balloons, photography by Gorgeous Moments
Close up portrait of a Captain America at the birthday party, photography by Gorgeous Moments
Children birthday party with a girl Hulk, photography by Gorgeous Moments

Just before the New Year, I went to Harpenden (a lovely small village) photographing the birthday party. I didn’t know what exactly to expect but I did know that it was a theme one – heroes. Yeeeeey, Marvel heroes again! Or not, depends on who you ask; I love them, the heroes and the parties. Anyway, I was expecting a few kids being dressed into heroes but definitely not all of them. And you know what? They were all dressed up and it was amazing.

Until a very special guest came. Then, it was super freaking awesome 🙂  A real Spiderman came and I was laughing my… (let’s say camera off), he, he. You want to know why? Because it took the kids to realise a few minutes that he is not just a statue or a wax doll. Well, he was staying really still next to posters of Captain America and Iron Man, until he moved! I absolutely loved it and I hope to be on a similar birthday party soon again.

Enjoy the photos and give me a shout if you would like me to take photos of your kids birthday party as well. You can find other photos in this gallery, too.

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