Close up portrait of a couple in winter at the lake, photography by Gorgeous Moments

Couples photography in nature

Here it is – my new couples photography photo session. Yeeeeey 🙂 Well, I am creating couples portraits for quite some time, to be honest, but they are always a part of some other session. What I mean is that many times after I finish the family and children portraits in nature, I create a few more shots for couples.  For example, husband and wife, mummy and daddy, grandma and granddad, and so on. However, after huge demand, I have decided to start offering the couples photography session separately now.

Therefore, if you are freshly in love new couple or just looking to capture new memories after all these years, let me know. Then again, maybe you have just got engaged or you would like to have photos of a secret engagement. There are so many options and I can’t wait to start making new photo memories for you.

Take a look at this couples photo gallery of what we can create.

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