Portrait photography from above

Aerial family portrait photography

I always loved photography and I always loved helicopters. Because of that, I have created a family photo session from both, for you.

Lots of children are dreaming of becoming a pilot or flying a helicopter. I did and I still am. And that’s nothing wrong with that! Dreams help us grow and give us something we want to achieve. The bigger the dream, the better! Aerial photography is (was) one of my dreams and is finally coming true. While acquiring (and studying) for CAA licence, you can book this session as part of an ad-don and, it’s free!

Until I get the licence, there are limited locations where the session can go ahead. But in the future, this will change I have also so much to offer you with this kind of photography. For example, short videos, baby announcement, “family letters”, and more.

Aerial autumn portrait photo of siblings by Gorgeous Moments
Portraits from above

Photography details

I am currently in a process of getting the CAA licence (Permission for Commercial Operation from the Civil Aviation Authority). 


Up to 5 high-res and professionally edited digital photos. While aerial portraits are in the opening phase, I will chose the photos.

Booking and price

For now, you can only book aerial portraits as a free addition to outdoor family portraits photo session.

Travelling and additional costs

Aerial portraits are normally part of a session, hence there are no travelling costs. However, as a standalone session, an additional cost of 75p per mile will occur for locations more than 10 miles from Aylesbury (HP18).

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I am aware that aerial portrait photography with camera drone is an amazing experience. In other words, especially children love it! However, I also know that not all of you will like it or perhaps, some of you might even be afraid of. And that’s fine! There are plenty of other photo sessions you might be interested in. Maybe you prefer outdoor family portraits or you are more interested in seasonal photography.

Lavender mini photo session

Photography in the lavender field is a romantic experience for families. I just love creating dreamy memories there. However, the main season only lasts for a good couple of weeks.

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Outdoor family portraits

One of my favourites! I have build Gorgeous Moments around this idea, so that kids are relaxed and have fun at the photo session. Because of that, I can capture their true nature.

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Bluebells mini photo session

Bluebells are very gentle flowers but they are also truly beautiful. Main season lasts only for about 3 weeks, therefore I suggest planning and booking in advance to secure your slot.

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For more information and details about photo sessions, please visit FAQ and photo session details or don’t be shy and ask!